As a registered Ambassador of The Stelladaur Academy, Inc, and a representative of the values The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. supports and maintains, I understand and agree to abide by and honor these Student Standards of Conduct throughout the duration of my curriculum participation, and in affiliation with The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. staff, other registered Ambassadors, guest speakers, or with any other persons associated with therein. I agree to conduct myself and treat all others with respect and integrity. As such, I will do my personal best at all times. If I post, or respond to others’ posts, on the Chalk Drawing Sidewalk (an online forum where Ambassadors share ideas, thoughts and experiences), I will only use my first name, or CDS (Chalk Drawing Sidewalk) username. Furthermore, I will NOT use any personal identification including my surname, phone numbers, addresses, emails, Facebook names, gaming names, or other social networking identifiers. I will NOT use profane, vulgar, derogatory, or offensive language, or descriptions of violence or drugs, online bullying, sexually explicit language, or any illegal behaviors, in any correspondence, posts, or associations with The Stelladaur Academy, Inc., its curriculum, staff or other Ambassadors. I understand that doing so constitutes immediate dismissal from The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. and ineligibility for any awards, scholarships, prizes, or monthly drawings. I understand The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. is an educational organization and is not a religious group, nor does it promote any religious organizations; however, the curriculum explores various philosophies, perspectives and beliefs, which may benefit one’s sense of spirituality. As a Stelladaur Ambassador, I will respect others’ points of view, and spiritual beliefs or practices as I complete the curriculum. I will use the online journal to record any and all answers and responses to curriculum questions and assignments. I understand The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. administration may need to access this journal to verify completion of the curriculum, should I be an Annual Ambassador Award or Stelladaur Scholarhip recipient; and if so, I will make my password available to the administration. I have read, agreed upon and signed and the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. On the date of registration to The Stelladaur Academy, and on the date of application for any awards or scholarships, I am 13-19 years of age.

Parent or Legal Guardian Consent

(Must be signed if student is under the age of 18 at time of registration.)

As the parent or legal guardian of a registered Ambassador of The Stelladaur Academy, Inc., I have read the Student Standards of Conduct Agreement and support my child in the pursuit of said agreement. I have reviewed The Stelladaur Academy, Inc. website with my child and understand the purpose, focus, requirements, and procedures of The Stelladaur Academy and its curriculum, and give my permission for my child to participate in either Level I or Level II of the curriculum. I further understand that my child will choose an adult (either myself or someone else) to be his or her Ambassador Guardian, who will be required to review completed assignments with my child and give his or her signature at the completion of each Unit. If my child is an Annual Ambassador Award or Stelladaur Scholarship recipient, and is under the age of 18, I will provide any necessary documentation for the holding and execution of any monies to be awarded.