What is The Stelladaur Academy?

We offer an online campus for youth to explore educational enrichment, character development, and creative renewal as a means of successful learning and joyful living. We use young adult fantasy to enhance learning, as means to help young people better understand themselves and their place in the world.

What makes the curriculum unique?

Students read the young adult fantasy novel, Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog as the main resource.  All assignments, writing exercises, and activities are focused around concepts presented in the novel.  Please see CURRICULM for details.


Who is eligible to apply for The Stelladaur Academy?

Anyone 13-19 years of age may register for Level I and Level II.  Public and private school educators, parents, and youth organization leaders, may register for the Curriculum for Classroom Educators.

Can I apply if I am homeschooled?


Tuition and Fees

How much does tuition cost?

Level I tuition is $99.  Level II tuition is $479.  Curriculum for Classroom Educators registration fee is $79.

Are there any other fees?

Students who apply for the Annual Ambassador Awards pay a $19 application fee.  Students who apply for the Stelladaur Scholarship pay a $29 application fee.  The application fee for the Classroom Recognition Rewards is included in the initial registration for Curriculum for Classroom Educators.  Teachers and parents may use the curriculum repeatedly.  Parents are not eligible for any awards.  A $35 fee is charged for teachers and youth organization leaders who complete subsequent application for Classroom Recognition Rewards Only.

Do you provide tuition waivers?

Only for a limited number of Level II students.  Please email The Stelladaur Academy for further information.


When can I register?

Level I registration is open year round and students have one year to complete the curriculum from the date of registration.  Level II registration is accepted quarterly (upon completion of Level I) by the following dates, and students have one year to complete the curriculum from the date of registration:

  • Winter Term:  January 1
  • Spring Term:  April 1
  • Summer Term: July 1
  • Fall Term: October 1

Classroom Educators, Parents, and Youth Organization Leaders may register anytime during any calendar year.

Do I need to complete Level I before I can register for Level II?


If I am participating in the Curriculum for Classroom Educators with my teacher, parent or youth leader, may I still register for Level I or Level II?

Yes!  You may also apply for the Annual Ambassador Awards and the Stelladaur Scholarships respectively.

If I am a classroom educator or youth leader, how many students must I have in my classroom to register for the Curriculum for Classroom Educators?

A minimum or 12.  There is no minimun number of students required for a parent to use the Curriculum for Classroom Educators.

Awards and Scholarships

What awards and scholarships do you offer?

We have numerous opportunities up to $10,00 offered each year.  Please see AWARDS and SCHOLARSHIPS for full details.

When is the application deadline for awards and scholarships?

Students must apply by December 31.  Educators and Youth Organization Leaders must apply by December 15.  Parents are not eligible for awards or scholarships at this time.


How do I contact you?

The Stelladaur Academy

PO Box 10613
Bainbridge Island,