The Stelladaur Academy integrates the young adult fantasy novel, Finding Tir Na Nog (The Stelladaur Series, Book One) into a personalized curriculum designed to enhance learning.  This unique experience provides an opportunity for youth to more clearly identify and utilize their inner strengths.  We offer two levels of curriculum called Apprenticeships.  Each level explores twelve Character Concepts presented in Units 1-12.  Each Character Concept focuses on the development of a specific quality or trait such as kindness, honesty, affirmation, gratitude, etc., as a foundation for achieving one’s personal best.

Finding Tir Na Nog includes obvious elements of YA fantasy:  a talking tree, an albino dog, portals to magical places, strange and intriguing creatures, and ancient petroglyphs.  The Stelladaur Series is about discovering what you really want by understanding the universal connection between imagination and following your own heart.  The Stelladaur Academy is about cultivating personal and character development in the pursuit of such a discovery.

Please visit to view the book trailer, read an excerpt from the novel, and explore other fun details.  The book trailer is also available at

Anyone age 13-19 is eligible to register as a Stelladaur Ambassador (an online student).  Upon completion of the curriculum, Ambassadors may apply for numerous Annual Ambassador Awards and Stelladaur Scholarships up to $10,000.  Any awards or scholarships which may be granted may be used for the advancement of the Ambassadors’ own educational pursuits and creative interests.  Awards and Scholarships are NOT based on ACT scores, GPA, or other academic achievement; however, a written essay is required in the application process.  A limited number of tuition waivers for Level II may be available.

As an innovative approach to blending literacy with character development and creative renewal, The Stelladaur Academy also offers Curriculum for Classroom Teachers, for public and private school educators, as well as to parents for homeschool use.  This section of the curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards for Literacy, and meets its requirements for reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Level I and Level II Apprenticeships can be easily incorporated into home school curriculums, or other personal development programs.

Parents, teachers, educators, and youth organization leaders will find tremendous support and value in our curriculum.  Young people will better understand themselves and their place in the world.

We invite you to explore the online campus and register TODAY as a Stelladaur Ambassador of The Stelladaur Academy, a place where young people ARE the difference! 


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