After completion of the Level I: BeCome Apprenticeship, Stelladaur Ambassadors may register for the Level II: I AM Apprenticeship.   With a continued emphasis on writing, and with assistance from an Ambassador Guardian, registered Level II Ambassadors help create and design their own program for an in-depth exploration of the 12 Character Concepts.  This model of learning requires greater personal commitment, introspection, and creativity.  Ambassadors share their ideas, suggestions, and achievements with the utilization of an interactive blackboard system called The Chalk Drawing Sidewalk, the title of which is taken from a scene in Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog.  Numerous guest youth speakers visit The Stelladaur Academy through one-on-one interviews with author S.L. Whyte.  These Youth T.I.P. Interviews (Transformation In Progress Tips) give young people an opportunity to share their own experiences of implementing the various Character Conceptsin communities throughout the world.  Additionally, Level II Ambassadors participate in monthly Character teleConferences with S.L. Whyte.  Ambassadors are required to design and complete a Personal Stelladaur Project in one of the following areas: Poetry, Short Story and Memoir, Art, Photography and Videography, Music Composition and Performance, Business Entrepreneurship, or Service and Compassion.  A 1000 to 2000-word essay about the project and its relationship to one of the 12 Character Concepts is also required.  Registration for the Level II: I AM Apprenticeship is only available quarterly.  It is designed as a 12-week course, but may be completed within one year of the date of registration.  Upon completion of Level II, Stelladaur Ambassadors may apply for a Stelladaur Scholarship up to $10,000.  Ambassadors may choose to participate in the Level II: I AM Apprenticeship without applying for a scholarship; however, tuition fees apply regardless.  All application, deadline, and eligibility requirements for any potential recipient must be met before for any scholarship is granted. (Please see Tuition and Fees and Deadlines below.)  

NOTE: If you are a classroom teacher, parent, or youth organization leader please see Parents, Educators, and Youth Organization Leaders.

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