With a strong emphasis on reading, journaling and personal accountability, Level I of the curriculum is designed to introduce Stelladaur Ambassadors to the 12 Character Concepts, and to explore practical application for daily living.  Level I is called the "BeCome Apprenticeship" to suggest that mastering each concept is an ongoing process—a journey in BeComing.  Ambassadors may register at any time during the year and complete the Discoveries in each Unit at his or her own pace.  Curriculum must be completed within one year of the date of registration.  Work is completed independently by the registered Ambassador, and is not checked or graded by the Academy; thus, supporting the premise that BeComing a person of integrity requires honest responsibility to self.  However, as an added measure of accountability and encouragement, Ambassadors choose an Ambassador Guardian—a trusted adult who they feel comfortable sharing their Discoveries with—whose signature is required at the completion of each Unit.  This is also part of the verification process for potential award and scholarship recipients.

Upon completion of the Level I: BeCome Apprenticeship, Ambassadors may apply for, and may be eligible to receive, an Annual Ambassador Award.  Also after completion of Level I, Ambassadors may register for the Level II: I AM Apprenticeship where $10,000 Stelladaur Scholarships may be available.  Level II is only offered quarterly.  Please go to Registration and Deadlines for further information.

NOTE:  If you are a classroom teacher, parent, or youth organization leader please see Parents, Educators, and Youth Organization Leaders at the link below.

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