Character Concepts

Unit #1 Kindness
Unit #2 Respect
Unit #3 Healthy Living
Unit #4 Creativity
Unit #5 Intelligence
Unit #6 Honesty
Unit #7 Gratitude
Unit #8 Affirmation
Unit #9 Forgiveness
Unit #10 Hope
Unit #11 Resolute Strength
Unit #12 Stillness

Sample Unit

In order to complete the Level I: BeCome Apprenticeship and the Level II: I AM Apprenticeship Ambassadors must read the novel Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog.  Both levels use the same Character Concepts which are presented in Units 1-12.  Each Unit begins with a definition of the Character Concept and a Quote to Consider, followed by the Stelladaur Affirmation.  The Stelladaur Affirmation is a written declaration of an individuals’ value of being, and supports the academy’s motto, “Where Young People ARE the difference” Each Unit incorporates seven to twelve assignments called Discoveries.  The Discoveries are designed to build upon each other, as a method of understanding each Character Concept and moving towards mastery.  Some Discoveries can be completed relatively easily; others may require more effort, especially for Level II.

Level II Ambassadors may explore and post on the interactive forum called the Chalk Drawing Sidewalk.   Level II Ambassadors may also access to the Youth T.I.P. interviews and Character teleConferences with S.L. Whyte.  Level II  Ambassadors are required to complete a Personal Stelladaur Project.  (Level II will be available soon.  If you would like to receive an email notification when Level II registration is open, please click here.)

All Ambassadors must use the secure online journal system to record answers to questions and assignments in the Discovery sections.  The journal is password protected, but the Academy administration may require access to verify completion of the curriculum for potential award- or scholarship recipients.  Both Level I and Level II require an Ambassador Guardian signature upon completion of each Unit.  All students must sign the Student Standards of Conduct Agreement.  A parent or legal guardian must sign the online consent form for any student under the age of 18.

The following Sample Unit combines a selection of Discoveries taken from Unit #4 of Level I and Level II.  It is provided here as an example of curriculum content only.  It is formatted differently for registered users.


Quick Links: Level I: BeCome Apprenticeship, Level II: I AM Apprenticeship, Personal Stelladaur Project, Ambassador Guardians, Student Standards of Conduct Agreement & Parent Consent

Sample Unit #4 - BeCome Creative (Level I)

              I AM Creativity (Level II)

Character Concept:
I BeCome an Ambassador of Creativity by identifying, developing and increasing personal talents, skills and strengths.
Quote to Consider:
 “The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda

Ambassador Discoveries:
(Remember to write all your answers in the online journal and review with your Ambassador Guardian for his or her signature.)

Read, review and commit to memorize the Stelladaur Affirmation:
“I make a difference simply because I am.  As a Stelladaur Ambassador I ignite positive and powerful energy for myself, and others in my life, home, community, country and throughout the world because I choose to be kind, respectful, healthy, creative….” (The complete Stelladaur Affirmation is only available to registered Ambassadors.)

  1. Read aloud and memorize the Character Concept definition.
  2. Read aloud the Quote to Consider.
  3. Write a list of five to ten of your personal skills, abilities or talents and describe how effectively utilizing each requires creativity.
  4. Reilly has the gift of intuitiveness and imagination.  In what ways do these gifts help him?  Why is it difficult for him to learn how to use these gifts?
  5. Describe a situation when you used your own intuitiveness or imagination to make a decision, or to solve a problem.
  6. Find a quote about creativity from “Finding Tir Na Nog” to use as your own Quote to Consider.  Write the quote in your journal and describe what it means to you.
  7. Listen to the featured Youth T.I.P. guest speaker.  What did you like about the presentation?  Did you learn something new?  How can you apply what you learned as a Stelladaur Ambassador of Creativity?
  8. Write a list of 5 ways you express your own creativity.
  9. Spend time writing your essay, or designing and creating your Personal Stelladaur Project.  (Keep application deadlines in mind.)
  10. Ask your Ambassador Guardian to review your Discoveries and provide his or her signature.

(Other possible Discoveries include watching applicable youtube videos, listening to selected music pieces, reading or writing poetry and prose, and various activities of daily living which identify and build character.)