Each Level I and Level II student chooses an adult who they personally know and trust, to be his or her Ambassador Guardian.  The Ambassador Guardian has the unique opportunity to provide support and encouragement to the student on his or her journey of self-discovery, creativity, and compassionate living.

Ambassador Guardians review each completed Unit with the student.  Students may wish to share his or her thoughts or feelings about the Discoveries or assignments with their Ambassador Guardian.  No grades are given by the Ambassador Guardian or The Stelladaur Academy administration for any assignments or journal entries.  However, Ambassador Guardians must provide their signature at the end of each Unit before the student can move to the next Unit.  One of the purposes of the signature is to confirm the work has been completed.  Any awards or scholarships that may be granted will only be given upon verification by The Stelladaur Academy of each completed Unit.

There is no fee for Ambassador Guardians.  The registering student includes his or her Ambassador Guardian's email and contact information during the registration process.  The student's User ID, Password, and a randomly generated secure passcode is emailed to the Ambassador Guardian.  The secure passcode can only be used by the Ambassador Guardian, in the signature area of each Unit.


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