Personal Essay Requirements for Stelladaur Scholarships:

Essays must meet the following requirements for consideration of a Stelladaur Scholarship.  Other formats will not be accepted.

  • Essay must be the Ambassador’s original work.
  • Ambassador must complete Level II: I Am Apprenticeship before submitting an essay.
  • Ambassador must submit a Stelladaur Scholarhip application and pay the $29 application fee before submitting an essay.
  • One essay per Ambassador, submitted within one year from the date of Level II registration. (Ambassadors may apply for both an Annual Ambassador Award and a Stelladaur Scholarship provided both applications are within one year of the respective registrations.)
  • Essay must be a minimum of 1000 words.  Maximum 2000 words.
  • Essay must be prepared in a Word document with 1” margins.
  • Times or Cambria 12-point font.
  • Include a title page for your essay with the following information:
    • SAID # / Personal Stelladaur Project – AREA OF FOCUS/ Your chosen Character Concept / Title of Project
      • For Example:SAID#0000
        Personal Stelladaur Project – POETRY
        It Begins With Me: A Poetry Collection

        (Do NOT include your name or personal contact information on the title page or other pages of the essay)

  • Number each page.  Use a header that includes SAID# and the title of your essay on each page.  (For example:  SAID#0000 / It Begins With Me)
  • Submit as a Word or pdf file.
  • Essays will be judged according to the following criteria:
    1. Relevance to the Ambassador’s chosen Character Concept and Personal Stelladaur Project. (Please describe your Personal Stelladaur Project.  Why you chose this topic and project.  What inspired you? How did you implement your ideas?)  – 40%
    2. Application of the Character Concept to daily living. (In what ways has implementing this Character Concept made a difference in your life and to those around you? How has your Personal Stelladaur Project influenced others for good?  In what ways will you continue to share your project with others?) – 40%
    3. Content organization, use of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. – 10%
    4. Originality and creativity – 10%