Stelladaur Scholarships are granted as follows:

One $10,000 Scholarship granted for EACH Personal Stelladaur Project category, as follows:

  • Poetry
  • Short story and Memoir
  • Art
  • Photography and Videography
  • Music Composition and Performance
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Service and Compassion

Scholarships are not divided by age categories at this time.  In the future, the Academy may grant similar scholarships for various age distinctions.

Applications must be submitted by December 31 of any given year.  Recipients will be notified in March of the following year.  Scholarships are disbursed by April 30.

Applications for Stelladaur Scholarships are accepted for any registered Ambassador who has:

  • Completed Level II: I AM Apprenticeship.
  • Provided verification of completed Discoveries and assignments, including Ambassador Guardian signatures.
  • Paid the $29 application fee.
  • Submitted required essay at time of scholarship application.
  • Completed and submitted a Personal Stelladaur Project at time of scholarship application and according to project requirements.
  • Verified they are 13-19 years of age on the date of application submission.
  • Personal Essay Requirements for Stelladaur Scholarship here.