The Stelladaur Academy is proud to offer Annual Ambassador Awards and Stelladaur Scholarships totaling over $110,000 to selected Ambassadors who meet application, eligibility and project requirements.  All applications must be submitted by December 31, and applicants must have completed the required curriculum during that same calendar year.  Ambassadors may apply for one Annual Ambassador Award and one Stelladaur Scholarship in the same year, but only if both Level I and Level II are completed in that same year.  However, a separate and original essay is required for each application.  Applicants must be 13-19 years of age on the date of application.  After verification of application, eligibility and project requirements, recipients will be notified by February 15th.  Awards and scholarships will be dispersed by April 1.  Any awards or scholarships granted over $2000 will be held in a trust account until recipient is 18 years of age.  Recipients may use the funds to pursue educational, vocational, creative, or entrepreneurial endeavors of his or her choice.  Recipients will be listed on The Stelladaur Academy website.  Some restrictions apply.  See Terms and Conditions.