At The Stelladaur Academy, we believe young people have innate gifts and talents that enable them to create a positive difference in their homes, schools, and communities throughout the world.  However, for countless and varied reasons, often youth feel powerless, defeated, and depleted of their inner strengths.  Founder, S.L. Whyte, describes how the academy bridges this gap: "Our purpose is to facilitate the discovery of inner potential, and the development of confident, creative and compassionate youth.  

We explore some of the really important stuff not adequately taught in the classroom, if at all: personal values, character development, intuitiveness, imagination, and creative renewal.  These are the building blocks of successful learning and joyful living." 

The Stelladaur Academy offers an innovative, online curriculum for individual students, and provides a hands-on learning model designed to encourage self-awareness, creativity, and character development.  We provide opportunities to develop these principles in an easy-to-follow program, with step-by-step assignments called Discoveries.  Each Discovery has a strong emphasis on reading, writing and personal accountability. We use the young adult fantasy, Finding Tir Na Nog (The Stelladaur Series, Bk 1) to enhance the learning process, and to encourage imagination and intuitiveness as viable measures of giftedness in each student.

At The Stelladaur Academy, we honor youth simply because they are innately amazing individuals.  Said another way, we understand that young people already ARE the difference!